Canon Demi

Cámara de medio formato, con fotómetro incorporado. Muy fuerte y robusta. Con una lente de 28 mms. 1:2.8 que de un carrete de fotos de 36 exposiciones saca 72 imágenes.


"Demi" is a french word means half.
Around 1960's in Japan, the half-frame 35mm camera got high popularity with the appearance of Olympus Pen in September, 1959. And Canon as well undertook to develop a sophisticated, easy operating, and handy half-frame 35mm camera then.
After four years from Olympus Pen had been first introduced, Canon Demi came on the market in 1963. This camera was equipped with high-brilliancy real-image finder, the fast 28mm f/2.8 of four-group, five-element lens, behind-the-lens shutter with light value program, and besides, follow-the-needle type built-in selenium meter. As soon as it was appeared on the market, it got a high reputation because its appearance was a sort of cute, which might bring you to want to carry with it in your pocket while the camera was high performance and function.
In addition, the material of body cover was changed from brass to alloyed aluminum on Demi II.
Well then, let's take a look at it.

First introduced in 1963.
Camera type : Half-frame 35mm lens-shutter camera
Lens : Canon Lens SH 28mm f2.8 (four-group, five-element)
Film speed range : ISO 10 - 400
Shutter : Seikosha L (Light value program type), and B (Behind-the-lens shutter type)
Shutter speed : B, 1/30 sec. at f2.8 (EV 8) - 1/250 sec. at f22 (EV 17)
Flash sync contact : X sync.
Exposure control : Follow-the-needle type selenium meter
Viewfinder : Kepler-type (real-image) finder
Finder magnification : 0.41x
Focusing : Zone focusing
Closest focusing distance : 0.5 m.
Body dimensions : 115 x 68 x 37mm
Body weight : 380 g.
Retail price (in 1963) : 10800 yen

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