Yashica Mat 124G

Yashica Mat 124G, looks very much like Rolleiflex, is 6x6cm TLR camera with built-in external celenium meter. The original price of it was 40,000 yen, which was rather low for this type of camera. For that reason, this tended to be the first camera for beginners to purchase the medium format camera.
One other thing to mention is the light body weight of 1080 grams, which makes it much more convenient to carry out with.

First introduced in September, 1970.
Camera type : 6x6cm TLR camera
Film : 120 roll film - 12 exposures
220 roll film - 24 exposures
Picture size : 56 x 56 mm.
Taking lens : Yashinon f3.5/80mm, three-group, four-element
View lens : Yashinon f2.8/80mm
Filter accepted : 30mm (bayonet mount)
Closest focusing distance : 1 meter
Aperture : f3.5 - 32
Shutter : Copal SV
Shutter speeds : B, 1-1/500sec., with shutter locking system
Self-timer : built in the shutter
Flash sync contact : M, X
Focusing : lens board extension by a large-sized focusing knob
Viewfinder : uses Fresnel lens. with 3x magnifier and the direct-view finder frame
Exposure meter : celenium meter, shutter-speed-priority follow-the-needle type meter
Exposure range : EV 4.5 - 17 (ASA100)
Film speed range : ASA 25 - 400
Film winding : by crank, Automat type winding
Frame counter : automatic resetting, forward-counting counter
Body dimensions : 102 x 148 x 101mm
Body weight : 1080 grams